Viruses and malware used to be only a joke or a prank but they have evolved into serious threats, most of them trying to steal from you or deceive you into paying for some software or service you don’t need or want.

Most of the high threat viruses and malware/spyware tend to be very hidden, making them hard to detect.  Often times, the antivirus software just ignores them and problems arise – you may think your PC is clean and safe but the things in the background are just getting worse due to the undetected malware/spyware.

Computers with viruses and malware will often run poorly or slowly and sometimes not even run at all. Your out-of-the-box antivirus program might be VERY good at advertising it’s low yearly renewal fee but ask yourself: what did you get for this low yearly fee out of the program?

Have TLC Computer Solutions thoroughly clean your computer, set you up with a proper security package and teach you how to keep your computer clean and your data safe.  This includes antivirus software for less than you would pay for one of those out-of-the-box software packages that doesn't do what you thought it was supposed to do.

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