Is your computer freezing up?

Is your screen cracked?

Is your keyboard malfunctioning?

Does your computer not start up?

As we grow more dependent on our computers and smart devices we need them to work at all times, but when they don’t or when you wish they worked better  you have TLC’s knowledge and experience to get your devices up and running the way they are supposed to work.

We work on all computers, tablets, netbooks and smart devices.

We specialize in the following repairs:

Hard Drive issues
Problematic start-ups
Virus removals
Malware & Spyware clean-up
PC Tune-ups and optimization
Motherboard related problems
Laptop LCD and charging D/C jack repairs
Data backup & Recovery

Is your computer running slow? Are you running out of space? 

We offer upgrades for your computer! Memory usually speeds up a computer by as much as 200% and we even have the ability to upgrade your Hard Drive to a larger one by a method of cloning which would save all your data and programs you already installed.

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TLC Computer Solutions

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